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Mazda Infotainment

This site helps Mazda customers set up their Bluetooth hands-free systems, find compatible phones and view pairing instructions. The system tracks over 7,000 phones, over 3,000 vehicles, and about 50 global cellular carriers.



This site informs vehicle owners about their HomeLink integrated garage door opener. Localized in 5 languages to serve the greater European market as well as the North American market.


Fiat Connect

This site helps Fiat customers set up their Bluetooth hands-free systems, find compatible phones and view pairing instructions. The system tracks over 7,000 phones, over 3,000 vehicles, and about 50 global cellular carriers.




AircraftExchange.com is a destination for buyers of business jet aircraft. Launched in early 2019, this site manages the marketing and sales of over 2 billion dollars of private business aircraft transactions per month.



The International Aircraft Dealers Association is a trade association of high-end business jet brokers. It features a “members only” area where IADA member companies can add/edit available aircraft for sale, register for IADA events, etc.


Aviation Manuals

We developed this site for our client who specializes in supplying airlines and corporate fleets with FAA-certified flight manuals and software. It allows customers to register for subscription-based services and submit payments to Aviation Manuals via Stripe.



Gorman360 is an advertising agency that specializes in advertising and marketing for the aviation industry.



This site was developed for Hartwing, a private holding firm that brings smaller, family-owned aviation companies together through mergers and acquisitions.



This site was developed for a Sacramento, California based aviation company that specializes in business aircraft sales and charters.



Renaissance Athletic Club

Informational site for high-end health and fitness club in southwest Michigan. The site is managed by a comprehensive CMS system designed to allow the health club staff to completely manage all aspects of the site.


Fort Miami Crossfit

This site was developed for a local CrossFit affiliate gym. We developed a custom-built administration area where staff can easily updates content on the site. Site is fully mobile-friendly.



The Readiness Center

This site was developed pro bono for an awesome organization in Southwest Michigan that provides programs for parents and children of all ages. The site was developed using the PyroCMS content management system.


Berrien County ParentNet

Berrien County ParentNet is an organization that connects parents with resources and events in the community. The site allows parents to create an account, view resources and upcoming events, add events to their personal calendar, chat with other parents.


Sustain Ox Creek

Developed as a informational and educational site for a community-based effort to redevelop the Ox Creek Watershed system.


Village of Baroda

Local government site for the Village of Baroda, a small agricultural village in Southwest Michigan. The site is built on the PyroCMS platform, so staff members can manage site content.


Better Beaches

Site built for a clean water initiative in Michigan.



The Bainbridge Beverage Company

The Bainbridge Beverage Company specializes in cold-press juicing for such clients as Coca-Cola, Minute Maid and others using environmentally conscious techniques and equipment.


The Emerald Avenue

Funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, this site is for a small consortium of local agri-tourism destinations.


Moersch Hospitality Group

Series of 4 branded sites for regional winery/brewery/distillery. Site (and sister sites) are built on the Statamic CMS platform. Moersch’s marketing staff have full control over nearly every aspect of their sites, including focal-point control for every image.


Tabor Hill Winery

Part of the Moersch Hospitality Group family of sites.


Round Barn

Part of the Moersch Hospitality Group family of sites.


Free Run Cellars

Part of the Moersch Hospitality Group family of sites.



Ferris Coffee & Nut

We developed this site for a national roaster of specialty coffees and gourmet nuts located in Michigan. The site runs on the Shopify platform.



E-commerce site for Michigan-based retailer specializing in hard-to-find Michigan-themed items. The store is built on top of the Shopify platform. We also helped to integrate Shopify’s Point Of Sale system in their 2 brick and mortar stores in Michigan.



FuroHealth manufactures small, single-person hot and cold tubs for soaking therapy, based on the ancient Japanese practice of soaking in very hot, very still water. The site is built using the Shopify platform and handles all aspects of e-commerce, inventory, shipping, taxes, etc.


Call The Mrs.

This site was developed for Call The Mrs., a local cleaning company. We use full-screen video (on desktop) to initially arrest the user. Site is meant to be informational yet a little fun. Testimonial bubbles appear randomly on the interface.


Woosah Outfitters

This site is also developed on the Shopify platform. Woosah Outfitters is a retail store in Grand Rapids that features apparel based on the owner's wood-cut designs.